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Ein bisschen lustig finde ich es ja schon, wie Reichen und Unternehmen der Arsch wegen #dwenteignen auf Grundeis geht. Und es kommen mantrahaft immer wieder die gleichen Bullshit-Aussagen:

  • „Enteignen schafft keine einzige neue Wohnung“ (No Shit, Sherlock),
  • „Berlin ist auf Jahre überschuldet“ (Ihr habt euch nicht angeschaut, wie das finanziert werden soll, ne?)
  • „Der Markt wird das schon richten! MEHR NEUBAU!!!! WENIGER BÜROKRATIE!!!!!“ (Jo, und wer soll sich den dann leisten können?)

Gerade beim letzten Punkt wird es interessant — da hatte ich gestern ein schönes Video bei der GLS-Bank gesehen: Boden (und somit indirekt auch Wohnraum) sind im Grunde genommen gar keine handelbare Ware, weil er begrenzt ist. Mit anderen Worten: Der Marktmechanismus mit Angebot und Nachfrage und dem daraus resultierenden Preis funktioniert bei Boden gar nicht. Der Markt kann es also gar nicht richten, weil es kein Markt ist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Schön — und richtig! — finde ich den Schluss, den Thomas Jorberg von der GLS-Bank in dem kleinen Filmchen aufmacht: Wir müssen Wohnraum dem „Marktgeschehen“ entziehen und Wohnraum bzw. das Nutzungsrecht (Wohnen) in Genossenschaften oder gemeinnütziger Form weiterführen. Und das ist ja genau das, was die Kampagne #dwenteignen will! So, und jetzt lasst uns Vonovia und Co. ✨vergesellschaften✨ ✊💜💛

For the first time in ages I went to a concert yesterday. It was outdoors, of course. There were four great musicians performing in the “Gardens of the World”-park in Berlin, one of them being Alicia Edelweiss whose album I bought more than one year ago. Since then I spent countless hours listening to the music while wandering through the city.

I had take two weeks off and as there’s still a pandemic going on, I’ve stayed in Berlin. Today the weather was great and I rode my bike for 75-ish kilometers — that’s probably at least a 100 miles or so, I guess.

As this seems to be my food blog and poor man’s instagram, this is the place to mention this: For the last couple of weeks I’ve had a huge craving for instant noodles. You know, these cheap convenience food packages from the Asian grocery store around the corner. Tonight’s dinner will be the DIY-version of that, kind of. Without this artificial seasoning and stuff. But with a truckload of instant noodles, of course.

Blurry picture of a bridge over a river in new york.

More than one year ago I visited a very dear friend in Switzerland. We drove into the Alps and went for a little walk near the middle of nowhere. A few minutes ago I found some pictures from that short vacation.

I went for a walk this morning and saw this tree.

A very dear friend of mine sent me a jar of homemade rocket pesto, together with a recipe how they like it, with roasted tomates and candied nuts. It was super delicious — I cooked — and ate! — it as dinner yesterday.

In 2016 I visited the United States and I just found some pictures from Manhattan I took back then:

I just feel like I want to share them and I’m really looking forward to flying to the city again once the pandemic is over.

I had some Kässpätzle yesterday. For the first time ever, I made one of my most favorite dishes completely on my own with nothing but flour, water, eggs, and some cheese. A ton of cheese, to be honest. Think of Kässpätzle as German Mac’n’Cheese with Swiss Cheese and special pasta.

It was great.

Sky was beautiful today.

I made some vegan cookies today. They’re basically peanut butter, chocolate, some flour and oat flakes.


In 2006 I bought my first CD ever: Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers. A few years later, the Internet did its thing and I stopped paying for music for several years. Around 2012 or so I started using Spotify and had it since then with some years of Apple Music in between. Over all those years I discovered lots of great artists and listened to a huge number of songs, a lot of them are connected to people the once were or still are part of my life.

Six months ago, I heard a song by Austrian musician Alicia Edelweiss and bought the whole album instantly. You have to support artists during the pandemic, I told myself.

A few days ago I cancelled my Spotify-subscription. There are several reasons for this step:

  • From what I’ve heard, music streaming is a pretty bad deal for artists in general. You have to support artists, especially now. This might be more expensive, but I hope, that the music will be worth it, literally.
  • It feels like that I’ve listened to way too much music during the last years. Music became a background noise, I mostly listen to it during the day, during work. And while having access to music anytime is great, I somehow lost connection to the music itself, it’s nothing special anymore. I want to know the music, value its details, enjoy it consciensly, dance to it, make it something special.
  • I want to own my music. I want to have a CD I can share with friends, for example, even if I’m broke.

And now you have to excuse me. There’s some music that needs my attention. Or is it me needing the music’s attention? Does it matter?

I just saw Knives Out. Being pretty entertaining with some unexpected twists, a great storystelling and awesome actors I really enjoyed this movie. 🎥🍿

zotrine is a lemonade made by a collective in Dresden, Germany. They don’t put shit in there and so zotrine is one if my favorite drinks. Also they print stuff on the back of the sticker on the bottles. You can see them, when you drank like at least half the bottle. Today I found this important great little piece of art.

Okay, let’s face it: Neither am I good at drawing nor have I any idea what a rodent looks like.

But both didn’t stop me from drawing one for Inktober 🤓😅 I seriously doubt though that this friendly folk would even survive in the wild.

Last year I went hiking in the Palatinate Forest. It was amazing!

I took a walk and a picture.

I’m a bit late — as always — but I decided to participate in this year’s Inktober. I’d like to present to you: The Radio!

Usually I use my iPad to read RSS feeds or comic books or watch movies. Since a few days I’m reading the probably most famous book by anthropologist David Graeber. I really enjoy it and for the first time I take notes in the exact same book using Apple Pencil. While I read the book in German, I write my notes in English so that I can scribble them. Taking notes this way is really fun!

Back in school teacher always told us that you didn’t really read a book unless you wrote notes in it or marked the most important or interesting parts.

Oh, the book is also interesting to read, although sometimes it feels quite academic and I’m not used to this at all.

Together with several hundred people I attended a leftist, antifascist demonstration in Berlin. Afterwards I watched the most recent episode of The Boys — I’m so full of contradictions — and wanted to do some programming now. But I’m way too tired and should go to bed.

All in all it was a great evening though.

I haven’t used Twitter for some weeks now — I actually deactivated my account — and I don’t miss it at all. Sure, I miss a thing or two and some friends, but it’s so much less stressful without the constant stream of information and opinions.

[Ich] Kritisier und du schreist „Zensur!“ immer der gleiche Mist Will dir nichts verbieten, will nur sagen, dass du Scheiße bist

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